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  1. M. Plesch, S. J. Plesník, N. Ružičková.
    Influence of hockey tape on speed, rotation and energy of shots.
    arXiv:1903.02635 [physics.pop-ph]


  1. R. Krčmár and L. Šamaj.
    The original electric-vertex formulation of the symmetric eight-vertex model on the square lattice is fully non-universal.
    Physical Review E 97 (2018) 012108.
    arXiv:1708.06115 [cond-mat.stat-mech]

  2. M. Marek, M. Badin and M. Plesch.
    Physics of the mechanical toy Gee-Haw Whammy Diddle.
    Scientific Reports (Nature) 8 (2018) 3718.
    arXiv:1707.01129 [physics.class-ph]

  3. M. Plesch, M. Badin and N. Ružičková.
    The International Young Physicists' Tournament 2017.
    European Journal of Physics 39 (2018) 064003.
    arXiv:1712.6295 [physics.ed-ph]


  1. M. Plesch, F. Eller, C. Kanitz, J. Landgraf, A.-K. Raab, and S. Selbach.
    The International Young Physicists' Tournament.
    European Journal of Physics 38 (2017) 034001.


  1. R. Krčmár and L. Šamaj.
    Critical properties of the eight-vertex model in a field.
    EPL - Europhysics Letters 115 (2016) 56001.
    arXiv:1610.08657 [cond-mat.stat-mech]


  1. R. Krčmár and L. Šamaj.
    Reentrant disorder-disorder transitions in generalized multicomponent Widom-Rowlinson models.
    Physical Review E 92 (2015) 052103.
    arXiv:1601.00515 [cond-mat.stat-mech]

  2. I. Travěnec.
    Reply to “Comment on ‘Solvability of the two-photon Rabi Hamiltonian’”.
    Physical Review A 91 (2015) 037802.


  1. I. Travěnec.
    Solvability of the two-photon Rabi Hamiltonian.
    Physical Review A 85 (2012) 043805.
    arXiv:1201.3717 [quant-ph]


  1. P. Kalinay, L. Šamaj and I. Travěnec.
    Survival probability (heat content) and the lowest eigenvalue of Dirichlet Laplacian.
    International Journal of Modern Physics B 25 (2011) 1993-2007.
    arXiv:1105.2626 [math.SP]

  2. I. Travěnec and L. Šamaj.
    High orders of Weyl series for the heat content.
    Proceedings of the Royal Society A 467 (2011) 2479-2499.
    arXiv:1103.0158 [math.SP]

  3. I. Travěnec and L. Šamaj.
    Optimized t-expansion method for the Rabi Hamiltonian.
    Physics Letters A 375 (2011) 4104-4108.
    arXiv:1107.4479 [quant-ph]


  1. A. Šurda.
    Statistical approach to traffic flow.
    In: Traffic and Granular Flow'07, C. Appert-Rolland, F. Chevoir, P. Gondret, S. Lassarre, J.-P. Lebacque, and M. Schreckenberg, eds. (Springer, Berlin-Heidelberg, 2009) 401-406.

  2. A. Šurda.
    Equilibrium traffic flow of a mixture of cars with different properties.
    arXiv:0908.1739 [cond-mat.stat-mech].


  1. A. Šurda.
    Statistical mechanics of steady state traffic flow.
    Journal of Statistical Mechanics (2008) P04017.


  1. L. Šamaj.
    Widom-Rowlinson model (continuum and lattice).
    To appear in "Selecta" within the project "Modern Encyclopedia of Mathematical Physics" (Springer).
    arXiv:0709.0617 [cond-mat.stat-mech]


  1. L. Šamaj, J. K. Percus and P. Kalinay.
    Boundary behavior of quantum Green's functions.
    Journal of Mathematical Physics 44 (2003) 1625-1637.

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