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Left-handed materials

After the principal investigator of this topic, Peter Markoš, left the Institute in 2008, it does not belong to the research programme of the department any more.


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    Materials with negative refractive index.
    Proc.  15th Conf. Slovak Slovak Physicists, Stará Lesná, Sept. 11-14, 2006, in press.
    Full text


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    Impact of the inherent periodic structure on effective medium description of left-handed and related metamaterials.
    Physical Review B 71 (2005) 245105.


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    Physical Review E 70 (2004) 048603.


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    Transfer matrix studues of left-handed materials.
    in Anderson Transition and its Ramifications, Lectures Notes in Physics 630 Springer 2003 Ed. by T. Brandes and S. Ketteman.

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    physica status solidi (a) 197 (2003) 595-604

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