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Computer modelling of condensed-matter systems

  1. J. Bamidele, J. Brndiar, A. Gulans, L. Kantorovich, and I. Štich.
    Critical importance of van der Waals stabilization in strongly chemically bonded surfaces: Cu(110):O.
    Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 9 (2013) 5578-5584.

  2. M. Dubecký, P. Jurečka, R. Derian, P. Hobza, M. Otyepka, and L. Mitas.
    Quantum Monte Carlo methods describe noncovalent interactions with subchemical accuracy.
    Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 9 (2013) 4287-4292.

  3. L. Horváthová, M. Dubecký, L. Mitas, and I. Štich.
    Quantum Monte Carlo study of π-bonded transition-metal organometallics: Neutral and cationic vanadium-benzene and cobalt-benzene half-sandwiches.
    Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 9 (2013) 390-400.

  4. M. Zemanová Diešková, I. Štich, and P. Bokes.
    Rigidity of the conductance of an anchored dithioazobenzene optomechanical switch.
    Physical Review B 87 (2013) 245418.
    arXiv:1305.6706 [cond-mtrl.sci]

Low-dimensional Coulombic systems

  1. L. Šamaj.
    Thermodynamics of two-component log-gases with alternating charges.
    Journal of Statistical Physics 152 (2013) 599-618.
    arXiv:1303.4236 [cond-mat.stat-mech]

  2. L. Šamaj.
    Counter-ions at single charged wall: Sum rules.
    European Physical Journal E 36 (2013) 100 (1-8).
    arXiv:1304.4125 [cond-mat.soft]

  3. L. Šamaj and Z. Bajnok.
    Introduction to the Statistical Physics of Integrable Many-body Systems.
    Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK (2013).

  4. E. Trizac and L. Šamaj.
    Like-charge colloidal attraction: a simple argument.
    In: Proceedings of the International School on Physics "Enrico Fermi", Course 184: Physics of Complex Colloids, ed. by C. Bechinger, F. Sciortino, and P. Ziherl (IOS Press, Amsterdam-Oxford-Tokyo-Washington DC, 2013) 61-74.
    arXiv:1210.5843 [cond-mat.soft]

Transport processes in quasi one-dimensional systems

  1. P. Kalinay.
    Moment expansion for mapping of the confined diffusion.
    Physical Review E 87 (2013) 032143.

  2. P. Kalinay.
    When is the next extending of Fick-Jacobs equation necessary?
    Journal of Chemical Physics 139 (2013) 054116.

Security and efficiency in quantum information processing

  1. M. Plesch, O. Dahlsten, J. Goold, and V. Vedral.
    Comment on "Quantum Szilard Engine".
    Physical Review Letters 111 (2013) 188901.
    arXiv:1309.4209 [quant-ph]

Quantum field theory in light front variables

  1. Ľ. Martinovič.
    New operator solution of the Schwinger model in a covariant gauge and axial anomaly.
    Acta Physica Polonica B Proceedings Supplement 6 (2013) 287-293.
    arXiv:1212.6449 [hep-th]

  2. Ľ. Martinovič and P. Grangé.
    Hamiltonian formulation of exactly solvable models and their physical vacuum states.
    Physics Letters B 724 (2013) 310-315.
    arXiv:1111.6344 [hep-th]

Lattice QCD

  1. J. Greensite and Š. Olejník.
    Testing the Yang-Mills vacuum wave functional Ansatz in 3+1 dimensions.
    Proceedings of Science, PoS(Confinement X)054.
    arXiv:1301.3631 [hep-lat]

  2. J. Greensite and Š. Olejník.
    Measuring the ground-state wave functional of SU(2) Yang-Mills theory in 3+1 dimensions: Abelian plane waves.
    Proceedings of Science, PoS(LATTICE 2013)467, submitted.
    arXiv:1311.4095 [hep-lat]

  3. J. Greensite and Š. Olejník.
    Numerical study of the SU(2) Yang-Mills vacuum state: Much ado about nothing?
    Proceedings of Science, PoS(QCD-TNT-III)027.
    arXiv:1311.4341 [hep-lat]



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