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Anderson transition

  1. P. Markoš.
    Conductance statistics near the Anderson transition.
    in Anderson Transition and its Ramifications, Lectures Notes in Physics 630 Springer 2003 Ed. by T. Brandes and S. Ketteman.

  2. P. Vagner, P. Markoš, M. Moško and T. Schaepers.
    Coherent resistance of a one-dimensional wire beyond weak disorder limit: Expression for all moments and distribution tail.
    Physical Review B 67 (2003) 165316 1-7.

  3. K. Slevin, P. Markoš and T. Ohtsuki.
    Single parameter scaling of the conductance distribution near the Anderson transition.
    Physical Review B 67 (2003) 155106 1-4.

  4. K. Slevin, T. Ohtsuki, P. Markoš and Y. Asada.
    The critical exponents of the 2D and 3D Anderson transitions .
    J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 72 (2003) 65-66.
    Proceedings of Localization 2002 (Quantum Transport and Quantum Coherence), Tokyo, August 16-19, 2002.

  5. K. Slevin, T. Ohtsuki, and P. Markoš.
    Single parameter scaling of the conductance distribution in mesoscopic conductors .
    Physica E 18 (2003) 282-283.
    Proceedings of The 23 rd Confefrence on Low Temperature Physics, Hiroshima, August 20-27, 2002.

Left-handed materials

  1. T. Koschny, P. Markoš , D. R. Smith and C. M. Soukoulis.
    Resonant and anti-resonant frequency dependence of the effective parameters of metamaterials .
    Physical Review E 68 (2003) 065602(R) 1-4.

  2. P. Markoš and C. M. Soukoulis.
    Absorption losses in periodic arrays of thin metallic wires .
    Optics Letters 28 (2003) 846-848.

  3. P. Markoš and C. M. Soukoulis.
    Transmission properties and effective electromagentic parameters of double negative metamaterials.
    Optics Express 11 (2003) 649-661.

  4. C. M. Soukoulis and P. Markoš.
    Transfer matrix studues of left-handed materials.
    in Anderson Transition and its Ramifications, Lectures Notes in Physics 630 Springer 2003 Ed. by T. Brandes and S. Ketteman.

  5. P. Markoš and C. M. Soukoulis.
    Left-handed materials.
    In: B. A. van Tiggelen and P. Skipetrov (eds.) Wave scattering in complex media: From theory to applications 309-329
    Kluwer Academic Publisher (2003)

  6. P. Markoš and C. M. Soukoulis.
    Structures with negative index of refraction.
    Proceedings of the 3rd Heraeus Summer School on Photonic Crystals: Optical Materials for the 21st Century, Lutterstadt Wittenberg, July 15-25, 2002, edited by K. Busch.
    physica status solidi (a) 197 (2003) 595-604

Low-dimensional Coulombic systems

  1. L. Šamaj.
    Exact solution of a charge-asymmetric two-dimensional Coulomb gas..
    Journal of Statistical Physics 111 (2003) 261-290.

  2. L. Šamaj.
    The statistical mechanics of the classical two-dimensional Coulomb gas is exactly solved.
    Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 36 (2003) 5913-5920.

Quantum field theory in light front variables

  1. ź. Martinovič.
    Kink-antikink in discrete light cone quantization.
    In: Light Cone Physics: Hadrons and Beyond, ed. by S. Dalley (University of Durham, UK, Report No. IPPP/03/71, DCPT/03/142, 2003) 55-58.

Lattice QCD

  1. J. Greensite and Š. Olejník.
    Coulomb energy, vortices, and confinement.
    Physical Review D67 (2003) 094503.

  2. J. Greensite and Š. Olejník.
    Center vortices at N>4 colors.
    Nuclear Physics (Proc. Suppl.) 119 (2003) 679-681.

Other topics

  1. L. Šamaj, J. K. Percus and P. Kalinay.
    Boundary behavior of quantum Green's functions.
    Journal of Mathematical Physics 44 (2003) 1625-1637.

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