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Anderson transition

  1. L. Schweitzer and P. Markoš.
    Universal conductance and conductivity at critical point of integer quantum Hall systems.
    Physical Review Letters 95 (2005) 256805.

  2. K. A. Muttalib, P. Markoš and P. Woelfle.
    Conductance distribution in strongly disordered mesoscopic systems in three dimensions.
    Physical Review B 72 (2005) 125317 1-18.

  3. I. Travěnec.
    Shot noise and higher current moments in dimensions 2, 3 and 4.
    physica status solidi (b) 242 (2005) 1063-1074.

  4. P. Markoš and C. M. Soukoulis.
    Intensity distribution of scalar waves propagating in random media.
    Physical Review B 71 (2005) 054201.

Left-handed materials

  1. Th. Koschny, P. Markoš, E. N. Economou, D. R. Smith, D. C. Vier and C. M. Soukoulis.
    Impact of the inherent periodic structure on effective medium description of left-handed and related metamaterials.
    Physical Review B 71 (2005) 245105.

Low-dimensional Coulombic systems

  1. L. Šamaj, Z. Bajnok.
    Exactly solvable model of the two-dimensional electrical double layer.
    Physical Review E 72 (2005) 061503.

  2. B. Jancovici, L. Šamaj.
    Casimir force between two ideal-conductor walls revisited.
    Europhysics Letters 72 (2005) 35-41.

  3. L. Šamaj.
    Anomalous effects of "guest" charges immersed in electrolyte: Exact 2D results.
    Journal of Statistical Physics 120 (2005) 125-146.

  4. L. Šamaj.
    Saturation of electrostatic potential: Exactly solvable 2D Coulomb models.
    Journal of Statistical Physics 119 (2005) 459-478.

  5. B. Jancovici, L. Šamaj.
    "Screening" of universal van der Waals-Casimir terms by Coulomb gases in a fully-finite two-dimensional geometry.
    Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment (2005) P05004.

Quantum field theory in light front variables

  1. Ľ. Martinovič and M. Luban.
    Analytic solution of the microcausality problem in Discretized Light Cone Quantization.
    Physics Letters B605 (2005) 203.

  2. D. Chakrabarti, A. Harindranath, Ľ. Martinovič, G. B. Pivovarov and J. P. Vary.
    Ab initio results for the broken phase of scalar light front field theory.
    Physics Letters B617 (2005) 92.

  3. Ľ. Martinovič.
    Causality, Poincaré invariance, and Goldstone theorem in DLCQ.
    Few Body Systems 36 (2005) 167.

Lattice QCD

  1. J. Greensite, Š. Olejník, and D. Zwanziger.
    Confinement and center vortices in Coulomb gauge: analytic and numerical results.
    Nuclear Physics (Proc. Suppl.) 141 (2005) 170-176.

  2. J. Greensite, Š. Olejník, and D. Zwanziger.
    Remnant symmetry and the confinement phase in Coulomb gauge.
    Nuclear Physics (Proc. Suppl.) 141 (2005) 199-204.

  3. J. Greensite, Š. Olejník, and D. Zwanziger.
    Relations between the Gribov-horizon and center-vortex confinement scenarios.
    In: Quark Confinement and the Hadron Spectrum VI, ed. by N. Brambilla, U. D'Alesio, A. Devoto, K. Maung, G. M. Prosperi, and S. Cerci (AIP Conference Proceedings 756, Melville, NY, 2005) 162-171.

  4. J. Greensite, Š. Olejník, and D. Zwanziger.
    Center vortices and the Gribov horizon.
    Journal of High Energy Physics 05 (2005) 070.

  5. J. Greensite, Š. Olejník, M. I. Polikarpov, S. N. Syritsyn, and V. I. Zakharov.
    Localized eigenmodes of covariant Laplacians in the Yang-Mills vacuum.
    Physical Review D71 (2005) 114507.

  6. J. Greensite, Š. Olejník, and D. Zwanziger.
    Gribov horizon under the (lattice) microscope.
    Proceedings of Science, PoS(LAT2005)293.

  7. J. Greensite, Š. Olejník, M. I. Polikarpov, S. N. Syritsyn, and V. I. Zakharov.
    Localized eigenmodes of the covariant lattice Laplacian.
    Proceedings of Science, PoS(LAT2005)325.

  8. J. Greensite, Š. Olejník, M. I. Polikarpov, S. N. Syritsyn, and V. I. Zakharov.
    Eigenmodes of covariant Laplacian in SU(2) Yang-Mills vacuum: higher representations.
    Proceedings of Science, PoS(LAT2005)326.

  9. J. Greensite, Š. Olejník, and D. Zwanziger.
    Infrared divergent Coulomb self-energy in Yang--Mills theory.
    In: Fifth Rencontres du Vietnam, New Views in Particle Physics, ed. by J. Dumarchez, V. Nguyen, and J. T. Tranh Van (The Gioi Publishers, Hanoi, 2005).

Transport processes in quasi one-dimensional structures

  1. P. Kalinay and J. K. Percus.
    Projection of two-dimensional diffusion in a narrow channel onto the longitudinal dimension.
    Journal of Chemical Physics 122 (2005) 204701.

  2. P. Kalinay and J. K. Percus.
    Extended Fick-Jacobs equation: Variational approach.
    Physical Review E 72 (2005) 061203.

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